Corn cat litter is a kind of plant-based cat litter, which is mainly made of corn residue. The main component of corn cat litter is corn cobs. After breaking the corn cobs, it is mixed with other materials, sterilized and processed. It is a Biodegradable cat litter is more environmentally friendly and healthy. Corn cat litter is often compared with tofu cat litter. Both are plant cat litters. They are relatively environmentally friendly, easy to clump, have strong deodorizing power, are dust-free, have safe ingredients, and are soluble in water, but are more expensive than ordinary cat litter. Sand is more expensive.

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  • Mixing different types of cat litter is possible, but it may affect the overall performance and characteristics of the litter. If you decide to mix litters, do so in small increments and monitor your cat's reaction.

  • You can often dispose of corn cat litter in your compost bin, as it's biodegradable. However, be sure to follow local guidelines for composting and waste disposal. In some areas, landfill disposal might be the best option.

  • Yes,the corn cat litter can be dissolved into water very quickly,you can flush the clumps down the toilet.But you can't flush too many clumps at one time,it may clog your toilet.You also need to check your local policy if it is allowed to be flushed.

  • Yes,our corn cat litter with short granules,this can help to absorp the urine more quickly than others.And the clumps are tight,it can cover the odor well.Each small granules can work well and no waste in using.

  • Corn cat litter is a type of cat litter made from natural corn starch,corn flour and mixed with pea fibre and guar gum. It's a clumping cat litter with small granules.It is dust free and with high absorption.