Tofu cat litter is cat litter made from tofu residue. It is safe, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, harmless, dust-free, pollution-free, deodorizing, water-absorbent, easy to condense, and easy to clean. It can be flushed directly into the toilet, but tofu The dregs have a strong smell, get wet easily, and breed bacteria. It needs to be shoveled regularly and cleaned frequently, and needs to be replaced within about five days; tofu cat litter is bean dregs pressed into thin strips and short columns. It smells faint of bean fragrance and absorbs urine. Will condense into balls.

We will also use different beans as materials to make tofu cat litter according to your requirements, such as mung beans, which are not allergens. As a professional tofu cat litter manufacturer, we provide wholesale and private label tofu cat litter services for you.

As a tofu cat litter manufacturer and supplier from China, Gelin Town Pet proudly introduces three new tofu cat litter products: Crushed shape tofu cat litter, Space puffed tofu cat litter, and Tofu Cat Litter with Health Test.

We have our own tofu cat litter factory equipped with advanced manufacturing equipment, enabling us to have large production capacity and strong delivery capabilities. We have more than 20,000 ㎡ of cat litter factory, specializing in manufacturing high-performance tofu cat litter. If you are looking for tofu cat litter manufacturers, we will be one of your best choices.This means we can meet customers' demands for tofu cat litter, both in terms of quantity and quality.

Crushed shape tofu cat litter is an innovative tofu cat litter made using a special process, featuring uniform particle size and excellent absorption properties, effectively controlling odors and providing a clean and hygienic environment for your cats.

Space puffed tofu cat litter is specially treated tofu cat litter that is lightweight and fluffy, easy to clean, and also offers excellent absorption and odor control, making cleaning a breeze for your household.

Meanwhile, Tofu Cat Litter with Health Test goes a step further, not only possessing the excellent characteristics of tofu cat litter but also integrating health testing functionality to promptly detect the health status of your cats, providing you with comprehensive care.

Whether you're looking for tofu cat litter with efficient absorption and odor control or hoping to better monitor your cat's health, Gelin Town Pet can provide you with the highest quality solutions.