• Yes, cassava cat litter is biodegradable since it's made from a natural plant source. It will break down over time, but the rate of decomposition may vary.

  • Yes,but our MOQ is 1*20'FCL,if your quantity is too small,you can't buy it from us.If you want to make your private label products and quantity reach to our MOQ, it would be ok.

  • Yes, free samples are available, but if Shipping express cost is too high, we hope you can help to share it. We will return it to you after the orders are placed.

  • It's generally not recommended to flush cassava cat litter down the toilet because it can lead to plumbing issues. Always follow the manufacturer's recommendations and check local plumbing regulations for guidance on litter disposal.

  • Cassava cat litter is a type of biodegradable cat litter made from cassava root,corn starch and guar gum. It's an eco-friendly alternative to traditional clay or silica gel cat litters.

  • We are a manufacturer of plant-based cat litter, cassava cat litter is one product of our full range.We also product other plant-based cat litter,like tofu cat litter,corn cat litter,cereal cat litter and so on.