Soybean cat litter

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Soybean cat litter
Soybean cat litter is a type of cat litter made from soybean residue. Compared to traditional mineral cat litter, soybean cat litter has many advantages. In recent years, soybean cat litter has gradually gained attention as a sustainable and environmentally friendly choice.

Why is soybean cat litter attracting increasingly more attention?

Firstly, soybean cat litter is a natural, biodegradable product. Soybean residue is a by-product that undergoes a series of processing steps during manufacturing to transform into biodegradable cat litter granules. This means that using soybean cat litter not only reduces the extraction of finite natural resources but also alleviates the burden on landfills, contributing to environmental conservation.

Secondly, soybean cat litter is more pet and human health-friendly. Compared to some traditional mineral cat litters containing chemical additives, soybean cat litter typically does not contain harmful substances, making it safer and more reassuring to use. For pet owners concerned about the potential impact of cat litter on their pets' respiratory systems and skin, soybean cat litter is undoubtedly a more reliable choice.

Furthermore, soybean cat litter boasts excellent absorbency and odor control. Due to the characteristics of its manufacturing materials, soybean cat litter can rapidly absorb urine and lock it into the granules, effectively reducing the generation of odors. This is particularly important for pet owners living in small spaces, as they can more easily maintain cleanliness and hygiene in their homes.

In summary, soybean cat litter, as a sustainable and environmentally friendly option, provides pet owners with a new choice of cat litter. It not only reduces the consumption of finite natural resources but also offers superior absorbency and odor control, providing a more reliable guarantee for the health of pets and humans. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, it is believed that soybean cat litter will receive wider application and promotion in the future.

Soybean cat litter OEM

If you wish to manufacture soybean cat litter and sell it as your own branded product, you can consider partnering with us for OEM cooperation. In this scenario, we would produce the cat litter according to your specifications and label the product with your brand information. When engaging in OEM cooperation for soybean cat litter, there are several aspects to consider:

Contact us: Reach out to us via the email provided on our website and inform us of your requirements.

Discuss cooperation details: Discuss cooperation details, including the formulation, packaging, labeling, production volume, delivery time, and pricing of the cat litter.

Determine product specifications: Determine the specifications of the soybean cat litter you desire, including particle size, color, odor, etc.

Sign the contract: After clarifying all details, sign a formal contract to specify the responsibilities and obligations of both parties.

Production and quality inspection: The manufacturer will produce the cat litter according to your requirements and conduct quality inspections to ensure that the product meets your standards.

Packaging and shipping: Once production is completed, the product will be packaged according to your desired specifications and shipped as instructed.

Through OEM cooperation, you can benefit from professional production and supply chain support while promoting your brand in the market and providing customized products to consumers.

Parameters Table of Tofu Cat Litte

Raw materialsSoy fiber, corn starch, guar gum
Particle size1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm, customizable
Packaging specifications6L, 18L, or customizable according to your requirements
Suitable for cat ageAdult cats, kittens, senior cats
Bulk density 550-750g/L

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