Crumbled Cat Litter: An Eco-Friendly and Superior Choice

Crumbled Cat Litter: An Eco-Friendly and Superior Choice
Crumbled Cat Litter: An Eco-Friendly and Superior Choice
pea fiber, soybean fiber, corn starch, and guar gum.
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T/T payment
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6L/2.5KG,7L/2.8KG,10L/4.5KG or customized as your request.
In an era increasingly focused on environmental sustainability, it's important not only to prioritize our own health but also to make the best choices for our pets. Crumbled tofu cat litter represents an eco-friendly, natural alternative made from soybean residue and corn starch. Free from harmful chemicals for both humans and pets, this litter boasts higher ecological friendliness and superior absorption compared to traditional mineral-based cat litter. Designed to provide a healthier, more comfortable living environment for your pets.

Why Your Cat Needs Crumbled Cat Litter?

In recent years, the pet care industry has witnessed a significant shift towards eco-friendly alternatives, and crumbled cat litter has emerged as a standout choice for environmentally conscious pet owners. Offering a host of benefits for both pets and the planet, crumbled cat litter represents a superior option in the realm of pet hygiene and waste management.

  • Attraction of Natural Materials: Crumbled cat litter is typically made from natural ingredients, which are more appealing to cats and free from harsh odors. Cats are naturally drawn to materials that feel organic, and the soft, smooth texture of crumbled cat litter provides a comfortable touch, increasing their acceptance of the litter.

  • Dust-Free Design: Unlike traditional mineral-based cat litter, crumbled cat litter is designed to be dust-free, reducing the risk of cats inhaling particles and safeguarding their respiratory systems. This is particularly important for households with allergies to cats. Additionally, the dust-free design makes cleaning easier, ensuring a fresh and comfortable home environment for both you and your cat.

  • Efficient Water Absorption, Easy Cleanup: crumbled cat litter is not only eco-friendly but also exhibits excellent water absorption and clumping capabilities. It rapidly absorbs liquids from cat excretions, forming sturdy clumps that keep cat paws dry and facilitate easy cleanup for owners, reducing odor and bacteria buildup.

Crumbled cat litter represents a compelling blend of eco-friendliness, performance, and convenience, making it a superior choice for pet owners seeking a greener alternative for their furry companions. With its sustainable sourcing, superior absorbency, and ease of use, crumbled cat litter stands as a shining example of innovation in the pet care industry, offering a win-win solution for pets, their owners, and the planet alike.

Crumbled Tofu Cat Litter Specifications

  • Raw Materials: Soy fiber, pea fiber, corn starch, guar gum

  • Particle Size: 2-5 millimeters, irregular shape

  • Clumping Ability: Forms sturdy clumps for easy cleaning

  • Dust: ≤1%

  • Eco-friendliness: Biodegradable, no chemical additives

  • Odor Control: Excellent wrapping ability, effectively reduces odor

  • Packaging Options: Various packaging types available

  • Compressive Strength: ≥500 grams

  • Suitable for Cats of All Ages

Differences Between Crumbled Cat Litter and Regular Tofu Cat Litter

Crumbled cat litter provides a more natural feel for cats' paws. It's widely known that cats' ancestors originated from deserts, retaining their innate preference for sand. The granules of crumbled cat litter better mimic this natural sensation compared to regular tofu cat litter.

Regular tofu cat litter has a slightly inferior texture compared to crumbled cat litter, as its granules are larger.

Crumbled cat litter granules are finer, absorb water faster, form strong clumps, and are less likely to break apart

Crushed- shape -Tofu -Cat- Litter10.webp

Due to its stick-like shape, regular tofu cat litter cannot fully encapsulate feces, leading to odor emission and sticking to the bottom of the litter box.

Factory Manufacture 

  • Professional research and development department.

  • We can provide OEM and ODM services for customers.

  • Customization of different fragrances and ingredients.

  • Production capacity: Approximately 9600 tons per year.


This is a picture of our factory where cat litter is produced, with numerous pallets containing packaged cat litter neatly stacked inside a large warehouse.


In this image, we see an automatic packaging machine in our cat litter factory, designed to efficiently package and seal bags of cat litter for distribution.


This is a piece of industrial equipment in our cat litter factory, used for the processing or packaging of the product. This area is designated for handling packaging materials.


This is a large piece of industrial equipment in our cat litter factory, used for the processing or production of the product. The equipment is made of metal and is quite large. It gives a sense of the scale of the manufacturing process involved in producing cat litter at this facility. The production scale of our factory is approximately 9600 tons per year.


  1. OEM and wholesale.

  2. We provide our own ship agent services for you.

  3. Samples: We can offer 1-3 kilograms of samples free of charge, but freight is not included.

  4. Colors: White, pink, purple, yellow. Custom colors available.

  5. Scents: Original, activated carbon, peach, lavender, green tea, or as per customer's request.

  6. Payment terms: T/T 100% (negotiable).

  7. Delivery time: OEM packaging 15-30 days, depending on actual conditions.

  8. Packaging details: 6L/8L/18L, vacuum-packed or non-vacuum-packed, as per customer's requirements.

  9. Loading details: Using cardboard boxes, 6 or 4 bags per box.

If using pallets:

20-foot container: 20 pallets.

40-foot container: 40 pallets.

Your Best Choice for Crumbled Cat Litter

Discover the ultimate solution for crumbled cat litter with Gelin Town Pet. As a prominent manufacturer in the industry, our state-of-the-art factory stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence. Backed by extensive expertise and cutting-edge technology, we deliver cat litter products of unparalleled quality and reliability. It is an eco-friendly and superior choice. We will be your best partner!

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