Clumping tofu cat litter Australia

Clumping tofu cat litter Australia
Clumping tofu cat litter Australia
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6L/2.5KG,7L/2.8KG,10L/4.5KG or customized as your request.
Discover premium Clumping Tofu Cat Litter in Australia – Natural, eco-friendly, and highly effective. Our tofu cat litter offers superior clumping, odor control, and safety for your feline friend. Trusted by pet owners and backed by certifications like BSCI, ISO9001, SGS, and CTI. Experience quality and sustainability with Gelin Town Pet.

Are you searching for a sustainable and effective cat litter solution in Australia? Look no further than our premium Clumping Tofu Cat Litter. Specially formulated with natural ingredients and innovative technology, our litter offers unbeatable performance while minimizing your environmental impact.


Key Features:

  • Natural Ingredients: Our Clumping Tofu Cat Litter is made from natural, biodegradable materials sourced from soybeans or tofu production by-products. This eco-friendly approach ensures that your cat's litter box remains free from harmful chemicals and additives, promoting a healthier environment for both you and your pet.

  • Superior Clumping Ability: Say goodbye to messy litter boxes! Our litter forms tight and solid clumps upon contact with moisture, making scooping and cleaning a breeze. With its exceptional clumping ability, you'll spend less time maintaining the litter box and more time bonding with your feline friend.

  • Effective Odor Control: Keep your home smelling fresh and clean with our Clumping Tofu Cat Litter. Our advanced formula effectively traps and neutralizes odors, ensuring that unpleasant smells are kept at bay. Say goodbye to unpleasant litter box odors and hello to a more inviting living space.

  • Low Dust Formula: We understand the importance of respiratory health for both you and your cat. That's why our Clumping Tofu Cat Litter is formulated to be low in dust, minimizing airborne particles and reducing the risk of respiratory irritation. Enjoy a cleaner and healthier environment for you and your furry companion.

  • Environmentally Responsible: By choosing our Clumping Tofu Cat Litter, you're making a positive impact on the planet. Our litter is made from renewable and biodegradable materials, helping to reduce waste and protect the environment for future generations. Join us in our commitment to sustainability and eco-conscious living.

Our clumping tofu cat litter is an excellent choice for cat owners in Australia. Its advanced clumping technology ensures easy cleanup and superior odor control, while its natural composition makes it safe for both cats and the environment. 

Specifications and technical parameters

Fast Clumping Tofu Cat  Litter Flushable

Raw Materials





Natural Plant
Natural Fibers
Natural Cornstarch
Guar Gum
Food Grade All








Crushed Particles

Fast Clumping Tofu Cat   Litter Technical Details

Raw Materials

Food Grade Natural Plant And   Fibers


Dust Free


Strip and Crushed Particles





Specific Gravity

About 0.6g/ml



Water Absorption


Compressed Resistance


  1. Natural and Safe Composition
    Our tofu cat litter is crafted from natural plant fibers, ensuring a safe and healthy environment for your cat.

  2. Manufacturing Excellence
    As a manufacturing factory, we prioritize quality control to maintain consistency and reliability in our products.

  3. Certified Quality Assurance
    We hold prestigious certifications such as CEN, SGS, MSDS, and BSCI, demonstrating our commitment to meeting global quality standards.

  4. Advanced Production Technology
    Our professional teams leverage advanced production and processing technology to deliver superior products.

  5. Customization and Innovation
    Our dedicated R&D teams work with customers to fulfill customized requirements and innovate new solutions.

  6. Fine and Reliable Quality
    Utilizing food-grade natural plant fibers, our tofu cat litter maintains a high-quality standard for optimal performance.

With these advantages ablove, our clumping tofu cat litter is a popular option for Australian households looking for a convenient and sustainable litter solution.

Cat litter packaging

1.The clumping tofu cat litter popular packing is 6L/2.5kgs and 7L/2.8kgs;

2.The clumping tofu cat litter bulk packing are 10kgs and 20kgs bags;

3.we accept customized logo and weight for the packing bags;

4.we supply professional packing logo and design advises for customers;

5.we supply multiple packing materials and bag styles selections;

6.we can make customized fragrances package design as customers needs.

Our cat litter packaging options are designed to meet the diverse needs of our Australian customers. We offer flexibility to suit every preference. With the ability to customize logos, weights, and fragrances, along with professional design advice and a variety of materials and styles to choose from, we ensure that our customers in Australia are not only satisfied but delighted with their cat litter packaging experience.

Tofu cat litter innovation

As a cat litter brand operating in Australia, there are many ways to innovate and expand your product line-up by leveraging the benefits of clumped tofu cat litter. Here’s how you can harness the versatility of clotted tofu cat litter to bring new and exciting options to Australian cat owners:

Scented Varieties: Scented clumping tofu cat litter was developed to meet the needs of customers who prefer a fragrant litter box experience. Try natural and subtle scents like green tea, woody scents, lavender, citrus or eucalyptus to enhance odor control and create a more pleasant environment for cats and their owners.

Specialty Formulations: Explore the potential of specialty formulas customized to specific needs or preferences. For example, developing a lightweight version of clumping tofu cat litter for customers looking for easier handling and transportation. Tofu cat litter that can be flushed directly into the toilet; Tofu Cat Litter with Health Test; or, create a hypoallergenic formula for cats with sensitive skin or allergies; Space Tofu cat litter with original enzyme activated atc.There are many ideas for innovative tofu cat litter.

Multi-Cat Formula: Clumping Tofu Cat Litter is introduced in a multi-cat formula designed to meet the unique needs of families with multiple companion cats. The formula should provide enhanced clumping strength and superior odor control to effectively manage higher litter box flows.

Natural Additives: Adding natural additives to clumping tofu cat litter provides additional benefits. Consider using ingredients like activated charcoal to enhance odor absorption, or baking soda to enhance odor neutralizing capabilities. These additives can improve the performance of cat litter while maintaining its natural and environmentally friendly qualities.

Customizable Packaging: Customizable tofu cat litter packaging options are available to meet different customer preferences. Offering a choice of bag sizes, colors and designs allows customers to personalize their litter purchase to suit their needs and style preferences.

Environmental Initiatives: Highlight the environmentally friendly properties of tofu cat litter, such as low dust, toilet flushable, and biodegradable, and align your brand with environmental initiatives. Partner with conservation organizations or support reforestation projects to emphasize your commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

By leveraging the versatility of clotted tofu cat litter and introducing innovative variations, you can effectively expand your cat litter lineup in Australia while catering to a variety of customer preferences and needs.

Available Brands and Distributors

Our Clumping Tofu Cat Litter is available through a variety of trusted brands and distributors across Australia. Whether you prefer to shop online or visit your local pet store, you'll find our litter readily available and easy to purchase. Look for our products at leading retailers and enjoy the convenience of home delivery or in-store pickup.

Experience the difference of Clumping Tofu Cat Litter for Australia. Make the switch to a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable litter solution today. Your cat and the planet will thank you!

Clumping Tofu Cat Litter manufactrer

Gelin Town Pet is a leading manufacturer in China specializing in premium-quality clumping tofu cat litter. With our state-of-the-art factory and dedicated team, we provide customized scented clumping tofu cat litter solutions for companies in Australia.

Our commitment to excellence is affirmed by certifications including BSCI, ISO9001, SGS, and CTI, ensuring the highest standards of quality, safety, and customer satisfaction.

We offer customizable options for our clumping tofu cat litter, including a wide range of fragrances to suit the preferences of Australian consumers.

Made from natural, biodegradable ingredients, our litter reflects our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Reliable Partnership: With years of experience, we are your reliable partner for sourcing high-quality clumping tofu cat litter, offering seamless collaboration from product development to logistics.

Choose Gelin Town Pet for quality, customization, and service that sets us apart.

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