Clumping cat tofu litter flushable and dust free welcomed in Lithuania

Clumping cat tofu litter flushable and dust free welcomed in Lithuania
Clumping cat tofu litter flushable and dust free welcomed in Lithuania
Clumping cat tofu litter flushable and dust free welcomed in Lithuania
Clumping cat tofu litter flushable and dust free welcomed in Lithuania
Clumping cat tofu litter flushable and dust free welcomed in Lithuania
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Clumping cat tofu litter is a very popular plant-based cat litter,which is made from Pea fibre,Soybean fibre,corn starch and guar gum.It has a high absorption,clumping ability,odor control ability and dust free.Eespeically it is welcomed by the people who are concerned about the environmental protection,becasue clumping cat tofu litter is an ecofriendly and biodegradable cat litter.Compared with the traditional cat litter, it has its own advantages.
Clumping cat tofu litter flushable and dust free welcomed in Lithuania

In Lithuania, where cat owners take pride in providing the best for their feline companions, Clumping Cat Tofu Litter has become the go-to choice. This innovative cat litter is celebrated for its clumping ability, flushable convenience, and low-dust formula, making it a hit in the Lithuanian market.

Why is clumping cat tofu litters welcomed in Lithuania?

Cat Tofu litter, also known as bean curd cat litter or soybean cat litter, has gained popularity in Lithuania for several reasons, contributing to its warm reception among cat owners in the region. Actually crystal cat litter is the most popular cat litter in this area, but tofu cat litter has its unique advantages to attract more and more people to try it.Here are some factors that make tofu cat litter popular in Lithuania:

  • Eco-Friendly and Sustainable:

    Tofu cat litter is typically made from natural and sustainable materials, primarily soybeans or Pea. The Lithuania places a strong emphasis on environmentally friendly products and sustainable practices, making tofu cat litter a fitting choice for eco-conscious consumers.

  • Biodegradability:

    Tofu cat litter is biodegradable, meaning it naturally decomposes over time, reducing its impact on landfills and the environment. This aligns with the EU's commitment to reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

  • Low Dust:

    Tofu cat litter tends to produce less dust compared to traditional clay-based litters. Low dust is essential for maintaining clean air quality and minimizing respiratory issues, a priority for the Lithuania.

  • Clumping Abilities:

    Tofu cat litters have good clumping properties, similar to traditional clumping litters, making them efficient at trapping and removing waste, contributing to hygiene and odor control.That is why more customers in Lithuania transfer to it from crystal cat litter.This ability is very helpful for them to clean it everyday.

  • Odor Control:

    Tofu cat litter is often effective at controlling odors. It absorbs moisture and traps odors within clumps, which is crucial for maintaining a pleasant living environment.The natural materials can absorb the odors by itself, and the parfume also can mask the odors.

  • Natural Ingredients:

    Tofu cat litter is typically made from natural, non-toxic ingredients, which aligns with the EU's focus on consumer safety and animal welfare.In Lithuania, people also concerned about it and they would like to try it.The performance is pretty good.

  • Renewable Resource: 

    Soybeans, the primary source of tofu cat litter, are a renewable and readily available resource. The EU encourages the use of renewable resources to reduce environmental impact. That's why more and more brands in Lithuania would like to develop this product.

  • Consumer Preferences:

    Many cat owners in Lithuania are increasingly seeking natural, non-synthetic alternatives for their pets. Tofu cat litter caters to these preferences by offering a natural and non-chemical option.

  • Innovation and Variety:

    Manufacturers in China have been quick to innovate in the cat litter market, providing a variety of tofu cat litter brands and options, which cat owners appreciate.

  • Safe for Cats and Humans:

    Tofu cat litter is generally safe for both cats and their owners, as it does not contain harmful chemicals or additive.

The popularity of tofu cat litter in Lithuania reflects the region's commitment to environmental conservation, health and safety, and a preference for natural and sustainable products. It provides an eco-friendly and cat-friendly choice that aligns with these values.


"From this picture we can see cat tofu litter can be dissovled into water very quickly, it is a flushable and biodegradable cat litter"

Did customers in Lithuania meet some problems when they use cat tofu cat litter?

In China,there are many factories who can produce cat tofu litter. As the price is diffierent,the quality is not at the same level.Some customers in Lithunania have some problems when they use cat tofu litter. 

  • Sticky.

    Many customers in Lithuania feedback their tofu cat litter is sticky.When they scoop the clumps from litter box, the clumps may stick at the bottom of litter box.There are 2 reasons:

    1. Cat tofu cat litter made from good material can absorb the urine very quickly, it will absorb the urine before it leak into the bottom. But with bad material, the urine will leak into bottom quickly, so it will be sticky.

    2. As you scoop out waste, you may notice that the level of the litter in the box drops. Add fresh tofu cat litter as needed to maintain the recommended depth. If there is no enough litter in the box, the clumps will be sticky.So keep the litter with 5-8CM height is very important for you avoid this problem.

  • Poor odor control ability.

    For the main material of cat tofu litter is pea fibre or soybean fibre.The good materials with low protein can absorb the odors effectively.But some factory add wood flour in it to reduce their price.The odor control ability will be affected a lot.So you will get what you pay for.If you only concerned about the low price, the quality may be poor.

  • High consumption.

    As cat tofu litter is a clumping cat litter, if the quality is not good, its clumps will be much bigger.Because each pellets can't absorb the urine sufficiently. When you scoop the clumps, you can find some part of pellets didn't work.But if you used a good quality cat tofu litter,the clumps will be much smaller.

Many customers already feedback tofu cat litter have a good performance when they use it. If you are a brand owner or distributor and also have some problems, please come back with us,we can give you a reasonable guidance and help you to solve kinds of problems.


"From this picture we can see the clumps of cat tofu litter is not too big,so the consumption is not high if you choosed a good product"

Clumping Cat Tofu Litter has won the hearts of cat owners in Lithuania who seek convenience, eco-friendliness, and top-tier performance. Its flushable and low-dust properties make it a top choice. If you're a cat owner in Lithuania looking for an efficient, eco-friendly, and cat-friendly cat litter, this innovative product is your solution. Say goodbye to litter box woes and hello to a fresh, clean, and environmentally conscious choice for your beloved feline companion.


Q1:What is your Popular Package Size?

Popular package: 6L 2.5kg , 7L 2.8kg. Also can do any size as your special request.

Q2: What is your MOQ?

MOQ: 1*20'FCL

Q3: Do you offer free samples?

Yes, free samples are available, but if Shipping express cost is too high, we hope you can help to share it. We will return it to you after the orders are placed.

Q4: How long the order will be finished?

The 1st order:about 30days, 2nd order about 15 days.

Q5: Can I do OEM?

Yes, we also can provide the private label packaging.

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Name: Richard DiPilla        time:2023-10-31 10:28:56
As a conscious buyer, I've made the switch to tofu cat litter, and I'm delighted with the results. The litter is environmentally friendly, clumps well, and offers top-notch odor control. It's a bit pricier than some options, but the benefits for my cat and the planet make it worthwhile.

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