Clumping Crushed shape Tofu Cat Litter EU

Clumping  Crushed shape Tofu Cat Litter EU
Clumping  Crushed shape Tofu Cat Litter EU
Clumping  Crushed shape Tofu Cat Litter EU
Clumping  Crushed shape Tofu Cat Litter EU
Clumping  Crushed shape Tofu Cat Litter EU
Clumping  Crushed shape Tofu Cat Litter EU
pea fiber, soybean fiber, corn starch, and guar gum.
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Crushed shape tofu cat litter is an innovative type of tofu cat litter made from pea fiber, soybean fiber, corn starch, and guar gum. This type of tofu cat litter typically exhibits excellent clumping properties, rapidly solidifying urine and solid waste into sturdy clumps for easy cleaning. It is also environmentally friendly and biodegradable. It has gained increasing popularity among cat owners seeking a more eco-friendly and sustainable cat litter option, providing a friendlier choice for their beloved feline companions.
Clumping  Crushed shape Tofu Cat Litter EU

As the demand for eco-friendly and pet-safe cat litters continues to rise in the EU market, clumping crushed shape tofu cat litter has emerged as a top choice for cat owners. This innovative cat litter offers a range of benefits that cater to the needs of both cats and their owners while aligning with the EU's environmental consciousness.

Crushed shape tofu cat litter with excellent clumping properties

The biggest advantage of crushed shape tofu cat litter is its excellent clumping ability, rapidly solidifying urine and solid waste into sturdy clumps for easy cleaning. Additionally, it is biodegradable and made entirely from natural tofu residue, without any additives. It is gentle on the skin of cats, ensuring their well-being. The fine granules provide a comfortable sensation under the paws of cats. It effectively seals in both urine and solid waste, keeping them dry and reducing the generation of odors, creating a fresh and comfortable atmosphere in your home.


This is what crushed shape tofu cat litter looks like after being scooped up. The clumps are firm, with no signs of loosening or collapsing.

crushed shape tofu cat litter is highly popular in the European market mainly due to the following characteristics:

  • Excellent Clumping Ability: Irregular crushed granule tofu cat litter typically exhibits outstanding clumping properties, rapidly solidifying urine and solid waste into sturdy clumps for easy cleaning.

  •  Absorption Capacity: It possesses excellent absorption capabilities, quickly absorbing urine to keep the cat litter dry and reduce odors.

  • Eco-Friendly: Tofu cat litter is usually made from natural plant-based materials, free from chemical additives, and biodegradable.

  • Particle Size: The granules of irregular crushed tofu cat litter are smaller, providing a comfortable texture for cats to walk on.

The specifications of the crushed shape tofu cat litter




Pea fibre, Soybean fibre, corn starch, and Guar gum

Particle Size:

The granules have an irregular and broken texture, which can vary in size, but they are generally designed to be small enough for cats to comfortably walk on.








Natural, or customized as your request.


Little dust


Available in various packaging sizes, from small bags to larger containers.

Why Choose Clumping Crushed Shape Tofu Cat Litter in the EU?

The EU places a strong emphasis on environmental sustainability and pet safety. Clumping crushed shape tofu cat litter aligns perfectly with these principles. It's an eco-friendly choice that combines excellent clumping performance with natural and biodegradable materials. In a market where both cat owners and policymakers value these attributes, this tofu cat litter is making a significant impact.

Cat owners across the EU are discovering that clumping crushed shape tofu cat litter offers an ideal combination of performance and environmental responsibility. It addresses their concerns about odor control, dust, and overall convenience, all while being kind to the planet. For a cleaner, fresher, and more sustainable cat litter solution, EU cat owners are turning to clumping crushed shape tofu cat litter.

How to use the crushed shape tofu cat litter

  • Storage Environment: Store tofu cat litter in a dry place away from direct sunlight to prevent moisture absorption or spoilage.

  • Gradual Transition: If you plan to switch cat litter brands or types, transition gradually by mixing the new and old cat litter to help your cat adapt to the new texture.

  • Regular Cleaning: Clean solid waste daily and regularly stir the tofu cat litter to ensure even distribution of its absorbent properties.

  • Avoid High Humidity: Tofu cat litter is sensitive to humidity; try to avoid using it in high-humidity environments.

  • Regular Replacement: Depending on usage, regularly replace all the cat litter in the litter box.

  • Sealed Container: Store unused tofu cat litter in a sealed container to prevent moisture absorption and odor dispersion.

  • Regular Litter Box Cleaning: Periodically clean and disinfect the litter box to maintain its hygiene.

  • Monitor Your Cat's Health: Regularly observe your cat's health to ensure it doesn't have adverse reactions to the cat litter."

These guidelines can help you use tofu cat litter correctly, maintain the cleanliness of the litter box, and ensure a positive experience for your cat.If you have specific concerns or questions, it's advisable to consult a veterinarian .


 Q1:Is it safe for plumbing systems in the EU? 

A1: Absolutely. Our Flushable Tofu Cat Litter is specially formulated to dissolve easily and not cause any plumbing issues when used according to the provided instructions. It complies with EU standards for flushability.

Q2: How does it handle odors compared to other litters? 

A2: Our cat litter is engineered with advanced odor-control technology. It effectively absorbs and neutralizes odors, ensuring a fresh and pleasant environment for both cats and their owners.

Q3:Does it meet environmental standards in the EU?

A3: Absolutely. We take pride in offering an eco-friendly solution. Our cat litter is biodegradable, made from sustainable materials, and complies with all relevant environmental regulations in the EU.

Q4:How to Customize

A4If you need us to provide contract manufacturing services for you, we need to establish a collaborative relationship and ensure that we can meet your requirements. Typically, you will need to provide the following information and resources:

  • Design Files: If the packaging requires specific designs or branding, you may need to provide relevant design files or drawings, or you can directly supply the packaging bags.

  • Payment Terms: We need to reach an agreement between both parties regarding pricing, payment terms, and delivery conditions.

  • Product Specifications and Requirements: Please provide detailed product specifications, quality standards, and production quantities

  • Production Schedule: Understanding your delivery requirements is crucial so that we can plan the production schedule accordingly.

  • Loading Capacity: We calculate the loading capacity of cat litter based on the packaging dimensions, and we stack and layer the cat litter packaging reasonably to maximize the utilization of space within the container and prevent instability due to excessive stacking.

Q5:How can retailers place orders and what are the minimum quantities?

A5: Retailers can place orders through our dedicated sales team. Minimum order quantities and other details can be discussed with our sales representatives.


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We ordered 1 container of crushed tofu, the quality is pretty good.Less dust than my previous supplier.

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